Solar Practical

Solar energy is making strides in many a home, but most homeowners still think it's beyond them. Up-front costs in the tens of thousands loom large, and not every state's got an encouraging rebate program to speak of. Then there's the technology. Take the confusing reports of building integrated photo voltaics (BIPV), for instance. BIPV products are made from thin film solar cells, reportedly growing in efficiency, but still far behind the productivity of traditional silicon panels. Are they worth the investment? Issues such as this create a mental block that prevents a lot of homeowners from getting started.

However, solar energy isn't just a scientific novelty for big laboratories and power plants. And when it comes to residential applications, it does not begin and end with expensive PV panels. Several options are readily available for harvesting sunlight toward a more energy-efficient home, and, moreover, for a practical price. For many of us, the real challenge lies in getting the information, making some room alongside time-tested, traditional values, and finally, getting over the disbelief. Let these very real possibilities help you

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