Feasibility Studies

The first step in obtaining solar energy is having a solar feasibility study done. It is also one of the most important steps because it affects the rest of the project. But what is a feasibility study and how does one go about getting one? Those questions and more are answered below!Solar feasibility studies have all of the information needed to start and complete a solar energy project. Here is a list of the type of information available: There is a map, labeled and showing where to install the hardware Potential power obtainable Type of equipment to be used. The angle of the PV (photo voltaic) array … and other specifics based on the type of solar module used, where it is placed, etc.What else is it used for? The solar feasibility study is also used as a framework for discussion with the buyer, helping to facilitate communication, and making the interaction a pleasant experience. With the solar feasibility in hand, it is easier to determine the total cost of the project, cash incentives, any problems associated with the project (and how to solve them), and the impact on the environment the project will have.

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